Seven Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp And Attentive

Seven Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp And Attentive
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In today’s world, the younger generations are pursuing many things in their lives which they feel are best for them. While they are busy running towards their desires, they miss out on how to be entirely focused and attentive. A sharp and well-conditioned mind helps in crossing every barrier standing between you and your goals. Research has found that an individual with a focused mind is likely to achieve their goals easily compared to the someone who is unfocused and inattentive.

But did you know there are a few ways to keep our mind sharp and more attentive? The followings are the tips and tricks which can help an individual enhance their productivity and build a well-concentrated, healthy and focused mind:

1. Music Massage For Your Brain:

If you are bad at planning or in remembering things, music massage is best for you. Music helps in shaping your planning ability and improving memory function. Researchers have found that it is essential that we know how to play a musical instrument because playing an instrument can help you in better decision making, improving your hand-eye coordination and it generates new and positive ideas. So, let’s learn a musical instrument and allow the music to enhance our minds.

2. Brain Charger


Just how we exercise and perform our yogic asana to charge our body and soul, our brain needs a brain charge too! The few mentally challenging activities which can be beneficial to our brain to stay sharp and active include:

  • Meditation
  • Learning a new language
  • Learning to play an instrument
  • Reading a novel
  • Playing an interactive game
  • Attending a lecture
  • Listening to talk shows

3. Drink In Your Limit

If you are a heavy drinker and the next day is always one of the hangover days for you, then we suggest you limit your drinking habit. Studies have proved that excessive drinking shrinks our brain’s frontal lobes. A study has found that to prevent your lifespan from decreasing, it is necessary to limit your drinking habits to 1 or 2 drinks a day for both men and women.

4. Video Games Stimulate Skills In Our Brain

Yes! You read that right. Research was carried out and it was found that while we play video games, our brain develops fine motor skills which are responsible for all the planning, movements and decision makings in the game. Some theories have also proved that playing video games too help improve concentration and focus.

5. Brainy Exercises

Brainy Exercises

Researchers have found that exercising helps in boosting the blood supply to our brain which enhances the relationship between the cells of our brain. Swimming, jogging, yoga, and meditation can improve our memory and helps in better planning.

6. New Ways Through Neurobics

The experts have developed an exercise, like aerobics for our brain called Neurobics. The neurobics can be beneficial to stimulate new ideas and thinking habits in our brains. This helps in guessing the food when we close our eyes, and it also helps in performing activities from our nondominant hand.

7. Healthy Eating Results In Good Brain Power

It is essential to have a healthy diet which builds our body and mind in the best way possible. Being obese in your 30s and 40s can lead you to have diseases such as dementia in the later stages. Following healthy and proper food habits helps in building brain power which provides many benefits ranging from good decision making to a well-concentrated mind. Fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, and colorful veggies are examples of a healthy diet that should be followed if you want to improve your brain health and cognitive function.

The brain is known as a bank of thoughts which generates thousands of ideas per microseconds. To possess good and fresh ideas, to generate more concentration and sharpness, follow these seven ways to keep your mind sharp and attentive.